There’s A Right Way & Definitely A Wrong Way To Garner Publicity

We have been bombarded with social media videos streaming items about the uk royal family and the renegade element over the other side of the pond.   One half of the latter pair has a proven pattern of thrusting herself and everything she is trying to sell out into the public awareness always at the very same time there is any expected activity by the uk royals, especially one very popular couple.  Now many pundits feel that this is a successful modus operandi in that it does ensure that a large section of the more sympathetic press reports on the spectacle.  The most recent example of this was the very rushed unveiling of the new pretend royal website which encourages the less initiated of the throngs to assume the demoted pair are still up in the top league.  It is a fantastic marketing ploy when it works. They got an amazing amount of publicity for this latest stunt which appears to have been brought forward in a hurry to clash directly with a big commonwealth day in London, at wich the proper royals were all to be in attendance.    As it happens, the actual following of the website has proven to be a bitter disappointment to them and their squad of demented fans as they have not reached even a of followers yet.  But the principle stands; if you want publicity, good or bad, to get your latest idea into the public domain, pick a very important event for your competitors and hope that the distraction will bring in more interest for your product.   However really professional social media influencers and business users will do a professional job and present their products/ideas in a calm and well designed way so they can meet the rush of orders that will follow!